Architectural Services

Architectural services are the one which has followed from the olden traditional days. There are several architectural services which include design, processing of the construction documents and the construction administration. The architects play an important role in the architectural services which includes feasibility studies, architectural programming, and control of the project management. There are a series of services provided by the architects and their consultants. The first important step is projecting inception. This is the initial step where the planning of the project starts, cooperating with the architect one can share the project requirements, aim and goal.

The schematic design is nothing but the architect plans about the design and sketches about it based on the requirements and budget in order to explore the possible choices. Then coming to the design development, where there is a clear definition of the scope and quality of the finished project. Once the design concepts are finalized the architect works on the several drawings and the specifications. Then takes place the bidding and navigation, where the architect helps to choose the contractor and prepare the contact process between the specified person and the contractor. There is also a list of additional services such as project management, feasibility studies, site selection and multiple contract preparation etc. Hilton Vanderhorn is the best one in terms of architectural design and services. They have been also recognized by the American Institute of Architects and many other professionals, which includes the Home Builders Association of Connecticut.